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528. Andy & DJ CTI: Smoky Haze Across US, British Toddler Stabbed & Wray To Release Biden Bribery Claims

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In today’s episode, Andy & DJ discuss the US National Weather Service’s warning that the smoky haze covering the US and Canada is likely to persist due to climate change, the British toddler who was among six others to get stabbed in a French playground and Christopher Wray caving to the House Oversight Committee and having to release the documents on the Joe Biden foreign bribery claims.



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Headline 1: US National Weather Service warns smoky haze likely to persist for days across the US, Canada
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Headline 2: British toddler among six stabbed in French playground horror
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Headline 3: FBI director Christopher Wray ‘CAVES’ to the House Oversight Committee as he’s forced to release docs on Joe Biden foreign bribery claims
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