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543. Andy, John Burk & DJ CTI: Ben & Jerry Customers Calling For Boycott, Missouri Vs. Biden Admin & Cocaine In White House

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In today’s episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by US Army Vet John Burk. They discuss Ben & Jerry’s controversial tweet on July 4th stating that the US should return the stolen indigenous land we live on, Eric Schmitt pledging to keep a close eye on the Biden admin after a judge blocked the White Houses communications with social media companies to avoid First Amendment violations, and the White House trying to hunt down the cocaine culprit.



Headline 1: Ben & Jerry’s gets ‘Bud Light treatment’ after claiming July 4 that US sits on ‘stolen indigenous land’
Reference 1
Headline 2: GOP senator who sued over Big Tech censorship vows to enforce ‘chilling’ decision against Biden
Headline 3: Biden White House Turns Crime Scene as Law Enforcement Hunts for Culprit
Reference 2

Reference 3
Thumbs Up: Florida deputy gets swept away by floodwaters while rescuing driver



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