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Ad Law Access Podcast – Privacy Compliance Tech-Tools and Strategies – Ad Law Access

Privacy Compliance Tech-Tools and StrategiesWith AdTech (tracking individuals and their online or in app behaviors to build a profile of them to better serve and more effectively target them) and MarTech (strategies and technologies to generate demand, attention, and sales for a product) now the most celebrated or perhaps infamous areas in privacy today, being a privacy lawyer has changed dramatically in just a few years. Privacy lawyers are not only counseling and guiding companies along the lines of what they need to do from a legal perspective but there’s an element of what should be done from an ethical or social perspective as well. Finding a coherent thread through all of the requirements and keeping track of all the technological changes in what is now a very tech heavy business is difficult.

Kelley Drye Partner Alysa Hutnik and Robert Cunningham, Head of Legal, at Ketch discuss the state of privacy, tracking, compliance technology and tools, and strategies privacy lawyers and others can use to help do their jobs. As you would expect, there are some practical tips to take away.


Alysa Z. Hutnik
[email protected]
(202) 342-8603

Robert Cunningham
[email protected]
(510) 292-0647

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