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Gary Zimmerman, Stephanie Anderson and early team (first office).
Gary Zimmerman, Stephanie Anderson and early team (first office).

Gary Zimmerman and Stephanie Anderson established Creative Business Interiors on September 5, 1991 with only four employees. Operating out of a borrowed 12’x16’ office space, it wasn’t long before the company found great success.

Now, Creative has locations in Milwaukee, Madison and Northeast/Central Wisconsin, over 70 employees and operates under three owners, with John Norfolk joining in 2002. 

Locally owned and operated, Creative’s success is due in part to its closely involved owners dedicating time and energy to every department, ensuring quality work. 

With contemplation, Stephanie Anderson, Gary Zimmerman and the company look back at their success as they celebrate 30 years of operation:

What is Creative’s mission? 

Creative leads business owners through every aspect of the interiors project process. We take the burden of planning, logistics and implementation off owners’ shoulders so they can stay focused on what matters most: their business. We help organizations go through serious change by curating facility interiors, providing consistent, high-quality and timely results.

What is the secret to your success over 30 years?

We appreciate our talented senior staff while embracing young leaders. This is a very complicated industry, so we are constantly providing training for our people. We are proud of the expertise of our associates, and we offer abundant opportunities for our people to grow in their field. Our work process is highly detailed, in written and graphic form, so every employee understands their place in the business, encouraging informed, intentional decisions in every department.

What is a challenge Creative has faced in the past 30 years? 

Technology has completely changed over 30 years. We use technology in every department and every aspect of our process. It took us some time to adapt to the changing need of technology in our workplace. The shift has been costly and challenging to keep up with, but worthwhile in creating a fully integrated work process.

How have you found success in difficult times? 

First, we focus on staying positive. By eliminating negative conversation in the workplace, we encourage everyone to be motivated and optimistic. We also incorporated lightly-used furniture for rent or purchase to accommodate tight client budgets in trying times.

Does Creative have any new products to announce? 

In early 2020, we opened our third location in the Appleton/Green Bay markets. We also became the Wisconsin branches of Falkbuilt. As branches of the Calgary-based factory, we now offer Digital Component Construction—pre-manufactured materials used for building commercial interiors. Falkbuilt combines proven construction methods with next-gen technology to pre-build high-performing, cost-effective, beautiful environments while also shortening on-site construction and reducing waste to landfills. This truly is the future of interior construction.

Where do you see the future of Creative?
Since our inception 30 years ago, we have adapted to an ever-changing workforce and helped our clients grow their business. Our management team represents the future of Creative, ready to take the reins and lead us through the next 30 years.

Creative Business Interiors
1535 South 101st Street
Milwaukee, WI  |  53214