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Business is booming at DWU –

MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) – A construction project on Dakota Wesleyan University’s campus is nearing completion. Once finished, it will house one of the largest major’s on campus – business.

When students return to campus this fall at DWU in Mitchell, the building will be just about complete.

“We had a groundbreaking ceremony, we’ve been constructing all winter long,” interim president, Theresa Kriese said. “We are really excited about it, we’ve had some challenges along the way with supply chain but we seem to have solved all those and are continuing to move forward.”

Here is what the DWU School of Business, Innovation and Leadership will look like once finished.

“We are laying tile, we are putting the finishing touches, touching up paint, that type of stuff, we will bring furniture in in August, we have a little challenge with our siding so that is not on yet, that will go on in August as well,” Kriese said.

Located on the southeast side of campus, this new building will be an upgrade for the business program.

“This was really needed, we are really excited to have all of our business faculty under one roof for the first time, this will be kind of a home for our business students, there will be some meeting spaces for students and faculty to meet so they can collaborate on projects,” chair of business department, Christine Mauszycki said.

“It has two large lecture halls that hold over 75 people each, and then it has smaller classrooms, study rooms, rooms that are equipped with technology, a nice feature in the front lobby is going to be the wall street ticker tape, students will not only be able to have classes in here, but they will be able to access this building during off hours and do group work, those types of things,” Kriese said.

Christine Mauszycki is the chair of the business department. She says the program is one of the largest on campus and it’s growing.

“Potential student visits are up and I think for our business program it will increase enrollment,” Mauszycki said. “Some of our largest business programs are accounting, management, sports management is very attractive as well since most of our students are athletes.”

University officials say state art facilities like this can help attract potential students to DWU.

“Recruitment is all about image and so the best image that you can put forward, we have great academics, we know we can compete there, we have great athletics, we know we can compete there, but now we need the extra push which is the image, so I think it really helps a lot, we’ve found that with other buildings that we’ve added to our campus, that it has enhanced our enrollment,” Kriese said.

Work is expected to be completed on the building in the fall of this year, shortly after school starts.

“While this is the business building, other faculty and students are looking forward to being in this building, faculty are looking forward to being in the large classrooms with the great technology,” Mauszycki said.

“We are really excited about this and it’s always wonderful to be able to have students enter into a new facility and look like your campus is growing, not only are we growing academically and moving forward progressively, but this gives a physical look to that change,” Kriese said.

Kriese says in the last ten years, the university has added five new buildings on campus.