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Business owners choose to follow latest mask guidance – WREX-TV

ROCKFORD (WREX)—Some Stateline businesses say they will follow new mask guidances, that says it’s OK for fully vaccinated people to go without a mask.

Chocolat by Daniel owner, Daniel Nelson, says he decided to follow the guideline last week when the CDC announced its latest guidance.

“It’s a matter of I will respect both. If someone wants to wear a mask, great I got one for you. If it annoys you and feel like it infringes on your personal freedom, I won’t make it happen,” said Nelson.

Herbert Allen with MainStreet Finacial group is also allowing fully vaccinated people to come inside his office without a mask.

“If someone comes in and they want to see us, we have one question, have you been vaccinated? if you haven’t been, that doesn’t mean you can’t see us. But if you have been that does mean you can have a more comfortable appointment,” said Allen.

But these decisions didn’t come easy.

Nelson says many business owners struggled with what to do with mask-wearing because the state didn’t fully adopt the CDC’s guidance until Monday afternoon.

As a business owner, if I am getting one set of information and customers are coming in getting another set of information, we really don’t know where it’s at,” said Nelson.

Now that it’s acceptable for fully vaccinated people to go without a mask, both business owners say they will stick to this guidance.

“When I look at the data, I am seeing that the vaccine is making a difference. I am seeing rates, hospitalization rates, people on intubation is dropping,” said Allen.

Both business owners say they will still practice social distancing and will not pressure anyone to not wear a mask.