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Buzzing business: High school entrepreneur brings honey store to Granby – Sky Hi News

Middle Park High School senior Katie Trail stands inside the space that will soon be home to Queen Bee Gardens’ newest location. As part of the Homegrown Talent Initiative, Trail has done the legwork to bring the business to the Granby Visitor Center with a grand opening scheduled for May 15.
Amy Golden / [email protected]

One of Granby’s newest businesswomen may still be in high school, but she has leased a space, spruced it up and will be managing the store this summer.

As part of the Homegrown Talent Initiative, Middle Park High School senior Katie Trail has spent the semester expanding her great-grandparents’ business into Granby.

Queen Bee Gardens’ fifth location will be inside the retail space at the Granby Visitor Center at 516 E. Agate Ave.

Using product made in Lovell, Wyoming, the business will sell 65 different honey-based candies, including chocolates, caramels, truffles, toffees and more, along with candles, chapsticks and some soaps.

Trail’s uncle was planning to expand the business into Granby, and with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, Trail decided she wanted to be a part of it. The 18-year-old did the networking to find a building and improve the space, and through that, learned the steps it takes to get a business started.

Trail said her biggest challenge was exercising patience in finding the right location. She explained that she hit a number of dead ends before signing a lease last month.

“One of the challenges for me would definitely be underestimating the amount of steps needed to open it,” Trail said. “My problem was working through the patience of trying to find the building that I need that would be beneficial to everyone.”

It was worth the wait. Sharing the space with the visitor’s center and Rocky Mountain Roastery, Trail now thinks she couldn’t have found a better place.

“We love it; especially with the coffee shop, it will be a great compliment,” Trail said, gesturing to the cafe. “This style fits it perfectly.”

She has already installed new flooring and plans to begin setting up merchandise in the coming weeks. There will be a honeybee theme and much of the candy will be in barrels, lending a rustic style to the space.

“I think it all ties together really nicely,” Trail said.

Trail has always had a penchant for entrepreneurship, though she did work a law enforcement internship last semester with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, also through the Homegrown Talent Initiative. After this semester, she thinks her heart is set on business.

“I’ve always liked the idea of just having your own business, and working the hours you want, and doing something you like,” Trail said. “I just like the fact that you can be your own boss and do what you like doing.”

Trail will be managing the store through the summer with the hopes of hiring additional staff soon. She plans to build the foundation for the new location before leaving to study business this fall at Snow College in Utah.

Trail thinks she’ll be “10 steps ahead” of her peers when she gets there.

“Talking to adults about renting a building and doing all of this was way out of my comfort zone, but I think I’ve grown a lot through doing that,” Trail said. “I feel like I can talk to adults about business and a bunch of different things on a different level than most high schoolers can.”

Queen Bee Gardens’ grand opening is scheduled for May 15.