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Carr Happy Congress Trying to Reign in Big Tech – Radio Ink

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr believes Big Tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and others are a real threat to free speech and free markets. He’s glad Congress is looking into the matter.

On Monday, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that he’ll join Ranking Members Cathy McMorris Rogers and Jim Jordan—the top Republicans on the House Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee, to roll out legislation to “end Big Tech’s abusive practices.” These elected officials are looking for more transparency and accountability from the tech giants.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said, it was a bold move. “Free speech and free markets are central to individual liberty and to our economic prosperity. Yet Big Tech is actively undermining these fundamental interests. They now have more control over more speech than any institution in history. They are using their unchecked power to silence people and ideas. And they are abusing their dominant positions in the market to eliminate any potential threat to their gatekeeper power. In short, there has never been a larger gap between power and accountability. The thoughtful framework that Republican Leader McCarthy and Ranking Members McMorris Rodgers and Jordan are rolling out will address Big Tech’s threats to free speech and free markets by promoting accountability, transparency, and strengthened antitrust reviews. I applaud their strong leadership.”