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Charges: Brainerd man busted through business window, assaulted officers and delivery driver – Brainerd Dispatch

Wade Ronald Luettinger was charged Friday, April 23, in Crow Wing County District Court on felony counts of first-degree burglary and fourth-degree assault of a peace officer and four misdemeanor counts of fifth-degree assault. Assault charges include assaults of a police sergeant and a correctional officer.

Brainerd police were called at 11:18 a.m. Thursday to a domestic disturbance at A Affordable Bail Bonds on the 200 block of South Fourth Street in Brainerd. Police arrived at the business and observed extensive damage to the front window, with the majority of the damaged glass inside the building.

While other officers were at the front of the business, a sergeant went around to cover the back door. As he proceeded around the northeast corner of the building he heard several loud thuds coming from within and saw the red exterior door open and moving in the wind. The sergeant continued to hear thuds and a male voice shouting from inside.

Wade Ronald Luettinger

Wade Ronald Luettinger

According to the criminal complaint filed against Luettinger, the sergeant went to the open door and saw Luettinger crawling through what appeared to be a damaged door. The sergeant held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived and secured the man in handcuffs. Officers attempted to have Luettinger stand upright to get him out of the hallway.

Luettinger struggled with officers, pulling his shoulders away in a jerking manner and shouting profanities, the complaint stated. He allegedly continued to struggle as officers attempted to take him to the ground. The sergeant applied a short burst of pepper spray and officers were eventually able to get Luettinger to comply after taking him into the prone position.

The sergeant observed several cuts on Luettinger’s hands and an ambulance was requested to provide aid to the man. Luettinger was reportedly extremely sweaty, having erratic movements and extreme responses leading police to believe he was under the influence of controlled substances.

The complaint stated Luettinger asked if officers wore body cameras and appeared happy the incident was being recorded, saying it was going to make Brainerd famous and shouted something to the effect of, “for George Floyd.” Luettinger was assisted to the squad car and secured inside it. Shortly after, he attempted to kick out the glass of the squad window. The sergeant opened the door and shouted at the man to stop kicking the glass. Luettinger shouted at the sergeant to get him a tissue and was informed the sergeant didn’t have one. He then proceeded to blow his nose in the sergeant’s direction, according to police.

Officers took a statement from a man at the bond business, who said he heard shouting from the Crow Wing County Judicial Center parking lot and observed Luettinger walking toward the community services building and then walked toward the bond business. The man said Luettinger is not a client and he was shouting profanities at him so he went into the business and locked the door. When Luettinger was unable to open the door he jumped onto the flower bed and began hitting the window, according to the witness. He broke out the window, and the man called out to another man that they needed to exit. Both men ran out the back. The man had a cut on his lip and a cut to his right ear from the broken glass.

Through the investigation, it was learned a Domino’s Pizza delivery person reported he was approached by Luettinger, who made some comments to him and punched him in the face through the open window of his vehicle and then walked away. This apparently happened right before the incident at A Affordable Bail Bonds.

An officer spoke with a woman who saw Luettinger yelling at the man to come out. She told police when she asked who he was, he rushed her and shoved her backward into the street. He then punched the window, causing it to shatter before climbing in.

A Crow Wing County deputy transported Luettinger to the Crow Wing County Jail, leaving him in the care of a corrections officer. Luettinger reportedly punched the correctional officer in the face while in the shower area. He also threw his shoe at the officer, according to the complaint.

Luettinger posted the $50,000 bond ordered by the court Tuesday, April 27, and was released from custody. According to court records, he posted bond with Midwest Bonding, LLC.

His next court hearing May 20.