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Cybersecurity Expert Mervyn Clients On How To Use Blockchain Tech To Disrupt Industries – Vegas Magazine

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies are terms that will not make sense to a lot of people at present. The transition to these methods of payment and storing data in the future is inevitable. Goh En Wei Mervyn is an individual who works as a Cyber Security Analyst for private companies. He is an ethical hacker who also works as a Blockchain developer.


From a very young age, he was interested in learning different programming languages. Once he found his footing as a young individual, he became an ethical hacker and started workings by developing apps and websites. He developed an interest in bitcoin at a young age, presenting him with the opportunity to learn more about blockchain tech. He now works with private clients on strategies about how to use blockchain tech to disrupt industries. Blockchain is a ledger or database of records called blocks stored securely on a global level. Blockchain tech cannot modify a transaction once you enter it since it is an immutable public digital ledger. It has a decentralized system and therefore connects you directly to people with no intermediary fees. Industries such as the banking sector will be affected by this. The transaction fee and hidden costs for overseas transactions will be redundant. Through blockchain, tech transfers are instant and remove the need for an intermediary. It will also help with cybersecurity since every data stored on the blockchain network is verified and encrypted using a cryptographic algorithm. The companies in the supply chain management will be able to facilitate traceability across the whole supply chain. They will no longer face challenges like service redundancy, lack of coordination between various departments, and lack of reliability.

The efforts of Mervyn on using blockchain tech to disrupt industries will benefit not only the users but also the companies and industries.

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