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Daniel Menard on Business Strategies Expected to Continue In 2022 – OCNJ Daily

It is no question that the past year and change has been a very interesting time for businesses across several industry verticals. In the face of a global pandemic, companies big and small showed their resilience by quickly developing strategies that would put them in the best position to succeed.

Daniel Menard, COO of VOTI Detection, recognizes that many companies have come a long way since the earliest stages of the pandemic. After isolating their strategies to keep things up and running as smoothly as possible, businesses are faced with one question- what next?

Ahead of Q4, businesses administration will need to take a long, hard look at what trends of the past year and a half they will need to take with them into 2022. Here, Dan Menard evaluates some of the most crucial practices for businesses- as well as how leaders can utilize them for potential growth.

Increasing Globalization Through Remote Work and Improved Tech 

Individuals who have followed the trajectory of tech resources within industries know that globalization has been on a fast track for quite some time. COVID-19 pushed this trend even further by both necessitating digitally connective technologies for businesses while creating a remote workforce that is larger than ever.

While the adaptations made by businesses are not without their challenges, one of the apparent benefits is the impact that it has had on globalization for both large and small companies.

Businesses have been able to extend the scope of their talent search to include individuals outside of their local network. In addition, the increase in voice and video chat for business conversations has opened the door for companies to work more with entities outside of their local area.

Daniel Menard and other experts expect that- in 2022- globalization will continue to be an important trend for businesses. Increasing your network to include businesses that are outside of your local sphere of influence will remain key for expanding visibility for your brand and experiencing sustainable growth.

Addressing the Evolving Priorities of Employees

Depending on your industry, it is possible that your business is experiencing the effects of the current labor shortage. This is especially true for small businesses appearing most susceptible to this pressing issue.

According to Daniel Menard, one crucial trend for businesses in 2022 will be finding ways to address the need for a qualified and dedicated network of employees.

Sources such as Business Insider maintain that there are a variety of ways that business are tackling the issue of the labor shortage. For most, this will include a deep dive into what employees are sought after employees are looking for in the current economy.

To date, big companies have taken approaches such as raising wages, offering perks, finding ways to support better support their existing employees to impact retention.

It is important to remember that addressing employees’ priorities is not limited to businesses that need new talent. Evaluating these trends is equally important for companies that want to remain a competitive choice for their existing talent. There are many ways to address these needs with employees, with one of the most common being satisfaction surveys and polls meant to gauge interest in certain changes.

Whatever adaptation means for your business, Daniel recommends a self-aware approach to changing existing business logistics. Be honest about what will be necessary to make your business and workforce as strong as ever.

Perfecting Online Presence

The pandemic has highlighted that many businesses have a lot to work on regarding their online presence, emphasized by the growth in ecommerce throughout the pandemic. The fact remains that- for many businesses- the future is digital. Consumers are naturally going to turn to online resources for information on products, ratings, and for content on a business.

There are many ways that businesses are working to perfect their online presences for existing and potential clients. Refreshing homepages, deleting/ revising outdated content, and giving proper attention to your social network profiles will be just as important in 2022 as years prior.

Most digital marketing trends that are expected to grow in 2022 will require that your business is aware of both the strengths and weaknesses in online resources.

Dan Menard recommends evaluating the user experience of both desktop and mobile versions of your websites. When combined with pushing their brand to the forefront using search engine optimization (SEO) principles and trends, businesses can cost-effectively expand their reach.

Taking strides in improving your online presence will ensure that potential customers can locate your stores, learn more about them, and purchase products or services in the most streamlined way possible.

Keeping Up with the Impact of COVID-19

Unfortunately- barring a swift medical breakthrough- COVID-19 will likely still be a reality for businesses as they step into 2022. There is, at least, the silver lining that we are unlikely to be blindsided like we were back in 2020.

Dan Menard knows that it is difficult to know what the future holds, but much of keeping up with COVID will have to do with how administration responds to potential setbacks. This will require that businesses remain introspective regarding how the pandemic is likely to impact them so they may act accordingly.

For example, businesses that require their employees work in person should ensure that their protocol for potential outbreaks is still accessible and known by staff and admins. Not only could this impact the health and safety of employees, but it can also be incredibly damaging to your ability to run the business.

Businesses that are not particularly susceptible to outbreaks among staff will still want to stay on the pulse for how the continued effects of COVID-19 may impact their business logistics indirectly. Issues with supply chain, quickly evolving consumer behavior, and staffing issues are just a few topics that many business leaders are looking to resolve in 2021.