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Day should report on all new business openings –

There was a time that, when a business was going to open, The Day would publish these pending business openings, or announce that a new business building is being built. This is no longer happening. It has not happened for an exceptionally long time.

I thought the paper was in the business of publishing news. Would not a new business opening or changing location be news? When did it become standard operating practice to not publish the news of the community?

I wanted to know what new business was being opened in the old Tim Horton’s business located on Long Hill Road in Groton. Yes, we are living in unprecedented times, but when I must call half a dozen offices in the Groton Town Hall to finally find out that the new business moving into this location is Popeye’s Chicken, this is beyond frustrating.

If only The Day had done the job it used to do, not only me but the entire community would be informed. I challenge The Day to do their job and publish the news of the community, keep the community informed, focus less on the opinions, and focus on news.

Carol Casey


Editor’s note: New businesses are regularly included in the briefs listed in our Sunday Business section. In addition, we often write features about new businesses. We cannot write about them all, but if there’s a business you’re interested in us featuring email business reporter Erica Moser at [email protected].