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For Troy Business Owners, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Spectrum News

On a Tuesday afternoon, Slidin’ Dirty Owner Tim Taney is making several batches of fire-roasted tomato salsa. It’s one of many things he does to prepare for what Taney hopes will be a busy day.

“They roast for about 30 minutes, and this is a pretty quick finish here,” said Taney, with tomato aroma steaming from the tray.

Like most businesses, it’s been quite the ride over the last year. At times, Taney says it’s seemed like keeping his doors open wouldn’t be an option. He says just cooking right now in his kitchen is a big feat.

“The fact that we’re still here is a major accomplishment,” Taney said.

What You Need To Know

  • Since November, business owners in downtown Troy have been meeting twice a month to support each other
  • These meetings aim to help each mentally, while also developing ideas to draw in more customers
  • Their latest effort is Troy pinball – a concept that aims to get customers to bounce around all the different businesses

PPP loans have helped him to keep working. But so have the customers and other businesses here in downtown Troy.

“From day one with this, we are all here for each other,” said Taney, meeting with other business owners on a Monday night.

Since November, Taney and other business owners have been meeting twice a month to support each other. Not just economically, but more importantly, emotionally and mentally.

“This provided an opportunity for all of us to check in on each other,” Taney said. “And our mantra from day one has been, it’s OK to not be OK.”

Most of them have been friends for years, so it’s an important collaboration. Kevin Mullen is a co-owner and head brewer at Rare Form Brewing, which is located just a few blocks away.

“When you talk to the people and hear they’re going through the same issues and same struggles, it really makes you feel a little bit better,” Mullen said.

He says they’re surviving, but it’s been a challenge to get beers into the hands of people during the pandemic. Part of these meetings also focuses on ways to promote each other and draw in more customers.

“We kind of try and highlight what we have in Troy, and the biggest part of that is the small business owners themselves,” Mullen said.

Their latest effort is Troy pinball, a concept that aims to get customers to bounce around all these different businesses. While they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the plan is to continue these meetings, and have each other’s backs.

“I think everybody in this group recognizes the value of working together and making Troy the destination,” Taney said.