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From parking to business, more changes come to Delano – KSN-TV

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW)-More changes are coming to the Delano area. First, a new parking lot for baseball goers and soon many new businesses. 

The first event brought thousands of fans to Riverfront Stadium, many filling up the streets in Delano. With homes just across the street, residents said more parking will help but worry new growth will take over the neighborhood.

Alex Trofimuk lives near the Riverfront Stadium. He said it was exciting to see Saturday’s fans, but the traffic was extreme. 

 “It was just really busy, the street parking was definitely taken up,” said Trofimuk. 

City councilman Jeff Blubaugh said the city is working to fix that. Blubaugh said a parking garage and transportation facility will break ground in 2022.

In the meantime, crews will put down gravel in that location, providing three hundred parking spaces next to the stadium.

“This is just going to be a bonus and this is going to get 300 cars just a little bit closer,” said Blubaugh.

“I am sure we’ll see some overflow but hopefully not as bad,” said Trofimuk.

Blubaugh said that the lot is where crews will break ground on a multi-level parking facility. It is not the only growth he expects. 

Blubaugh said several business owners are looking to expand in Delano.

“You look at the developable property that was in agreement with the riverfront stadium, we haven’t even seen any of that yet, so take a look around folks because this is all changing real fast,” said Blubaugh. 

Trofimuk said with these expansions, he worries what this will do to nearby homes.

“Some of these houses still have blocks to tie your horses, so you know a lot of really old houses and kind of a little sad to see it change as well,” said Trofimuk. 

Trofimuk said he hopes city leaders keep the community and its history in mind, as Delano grows. 

“It’s nice to have them nearby, but it’s not nice when they’re taking over,’ he said. 

The parking lot will be ready for the home opener for the Wichita Windsurge.