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GA technologies reduced over 2 million sheets of paper in iBuyer business in 2020. – PRNewswire

Under the business value of “Technology and Innovation to Inspire the World”, we have been running new businesses in the PropTech (Property Technology) field with the applying of digital tech and the support of our experienced agents. Along with the growth of our business, we are also taking more responsibility and active approaches in supporting the benefits and development of the society. Currently, we are starting this project called “GA Sustainability Actions” aiming to support the sustainability of our environment.

In order to protect our environment, we have been taking several actions in reducing the use of paper in our daily business activities. We have achieved a significant result with the reduction of the use of about 2 million sheets of paper (2,074,880) during the past year(*1). We are utilizing several of our in-house developed software such as “INSIGHT by RENOSY” and “SUPPLIER by RENOSY” to support our sales business in order to accelerate the speed of digital transformation of our entire business chain.

In response to April 22, which is “Earth Day” (URL: a day to think about global environmental issues, we have announced our efforts to the paperless activities we are taking in our office starting from last year. We will continue to take on the challenge of solving the world’s problems with the power of technology and innovation, and work to create a better future. Through our business, we will strive to create the foundation for a sustainable and new society.

Promoting the prevalence of digitalization in the industry to save our environment


INSIGHT by RENOSY is a business supporting tool our agents use during their consultations. It is a tool developed in-house where it links with our database directly. It allows our agents to show property information, business proposals, balance sheets simulation in an instant to the customers.

SUPPLIER by RENOSY is a real estate procurement process supporting tool developed by our AI engineering department. The tool is especially dedicated to the support of the purchasing step of real estate. It helps with necessary tasks like property search, flooring layout automated reading, property recommendation, and contracts automated generation, etc. The tool provides every feature a real estate agent needs during the purchasing process. To give you a general idea, the entire dealing process of a proprty can be divided to roughly 30 steps(*2), we are able to move the entire process online with a minimum amount of paper works required.

Our strategy for the Digital Transformation movement

We are developing a SaaS business in which our accumulated real estate digital transformation know-how, tools and systems are sold externally by our group company, and we are also working to promote digital transformation in the real estate industry as a whole, such as paperless and more efficient operations. In addition to the management of real estate media, we also utilize our expertise in improving the convenience and transparency of real estate transactions by utilizing technology to build integrated operations for real estate transactions.

Through the group companies, we have also achieved paperless operations by providing the industry with know-how on improving operational efficiency accumulated in each area, and by contributing to the real estate companies in Japan, we will promote the digital transformation of the entire industry.



Promoting the vitality of the existing apartment market to contribute to the sustainability of our living environment

Along with protecting the environment, we also put more effort into promoting the vitality in the existing real estate industry to contribute to the building of a long-lasting living environment. RENOSY is focusing on the purchasing and selling of compact apartments in the main cities of Japan. The service has been crowded as the top 1 service in the existing real estate investing industry (compact apartments) during the past 2 years(*3). It also won the top 1 service regarding the newly built real estate investing industry for the first time this year(*4). All these actions are with the aim of solving the problem of “vacant houses in depopulated areas” in Japan. The current situation is that there are too many vacant houses without proper management in Japan due to a drop in the total population. The problem has already become a social problem in Japan, which the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced this plan of “Vision of 2030 for Real Estate Industry of Japan” in April 2019(*5) to address the issue of the vacant houses in Japan. On the other hand, there is also an oversupply of newly built houses in the market which made the problem worse.

The theory behind the RENOSY service is that the service is able to sort out the proper properties based on previous data by AI from the database. This allows us to purchase property not only faster but also with only 1/3 of the previous cost. The inventory turnover period is about 23 days in GA which is about 1/13 compared to the average(*6). What we want to do is to rediscover the value of existing apartments by addressing the issue mentioned above.

GA Sustainability Actions

GA Sustainability Actions is a measure we apply in the office to contribute to the growth of our business and to the positive contributions to the society. The measure includes three major policies: governance, environmental, society. It composes with 5 themes which are “environment & resources protection”, “The building of a long-lasting living environment”, “The creation of an energetic workplace”, “The strengthen of the aspects of governance, risk management, and legal compliances”. Each theme shall be applied accordingly to the relevant aspects of our businesses and workflow.


(*1) The number is calculated based on all kinds of documents required in the entire dealing process during 2020 using our in-house developed software.

(*2) The calculation is based on all kinds of documents required during the transaction process. (item-based)

(*3) Please refer to the statistics from the following link

(*4) RENOSY has only been dealing with existing compact apartments.

(*5)『Vision of 2030 For the Real Estate Industry of Japan』

(*6) The inventory turnover period refers to the time it requires for a property to be sold again counting from the point where the property has been purchased. According to a survey done by GA, the average time required is about 313.3 days.

Company Overview of GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Company Name: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: President and Chief Executive Officer: Ryu Higuchi
Head Office: Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower 40F 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6290, Japan
Established: March 2013
Capital: : ¥720,859,9831 (as of March 31, 2021)  
Business description:
– Management of RENOSY, a PropTech (real estate technology) comprehensive brand
(Real estate information media, real estate brokerage, real estate sales, design and construction, real estate management)
– Development of SaaS-based B2B PropTech products
– Research on real estate big data using AI
– Management of overseas PropTech business, including Shenjumiaosuan, a platform for Chinese investors
Main group companies: ITANDI, Inc., Modern Standard Inc., Shenjumiaosuan Co., Ltd, and four other companies 

SOURCE GA technologies Co., Ltd.