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Gastonia business owner wants to help promote other local businesses – Gaston Gazette

Felicia Nelson knows it’s a struggle to start a small business. 

Her business Gamer EMT started out of a garage 15 years ago. She recalled going to parks and putting fliers on cars, and handing out pamphlets at Walmart.

Nelson was scrolling through TikTok and saw others trying to get their own small business off the ground.

“I see them promoting, I see them trying to get attention,” said Nelson.

As business has remained steady, the glass cases in the storefront of her building sit empty, Nelson said.

“Every time I come in here, I hate the way it looks,” said Nelson.

Nelson said she would be happy to display items that are owned by another small business given she has the space.

Gamer EMT is a small business in downtown Gastonia that offers professional repair of smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles. The storefront sat on East Franklin Boulevard for around 10 years and moved downtown to Main Avenue about two years ago. 

Melvin Jefferson and Michael Nelson stand in front of glass cases where they want to offer other small businesses room to place a small item of theirs for our customers to see at Gamer EMT on East Main Avenue in Gastonia.

“How great would it be if I could have a small business send me a candle and put it in the case along with their business card that they would send me,” said Nelson.

The storefront has a great deal of foot traffic throughout the day. Customers often sit and wait for their cell phones to be repaired. While waiting, they would have an opportunity to look at items lent to Nelson from small businesses. 

Nelson doesn’t want anything in return when the businesses promote in the storefront.

“It’s just literally a free promotion for other businesses that don’t have a storefront. Online is so hard with social media marketing it’s hard to get out there,” said Nelson.

At Christmastime the store is often packed, the chairs are full with waiting customers, and people would have the chance to check out items in the cases.

Nelson always keeps a community board in the store where other businesses can come in and hang their fliers up.

 “I think every business should do that. It doesn’t harm anybody it doesn’t take any work for us to do a free promotion,” said Nelson.

Nelson said she would accept emails at [email protected] stating what the item is, and she would send a confirmation email back to them.

“I want to keep it local. Start out local to see if we have enough businesses. I could probably do 15-20 pieces in each case,” said Nelson.

Nelson hasn’t had anyone reach out to her about displaying their products in the store yet, but she has posted a TikTok asking people to bring items to fill up the case.

Nelson said she knew how difficult it was to start a business and the work it takes.

“I know if I could help another small business owner I’d be ecstatic. I would be so proud to help them,” said Nelson.

You can reach Sarah Marino at 704-869-1850 or [email protected].