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Governor Laura Kelly Announces Kansas Surpasses $7 Billion in New Business Dollars Invested in the State – Governor of the State of Kansas – Kansas Governor

Governor Laura Kelly today announced that since she took office in January 2019, more than $7 billion new business dollars have been invested in the state of Kansas and over 29,000 new jobs have been created.

“This announcement means more jobs, more money in Kansans’ pockets, and a stronger economy for all of us,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “Since day one, my administration has been laser-focused on building an economy where families and businesses want to call home. Surpassing the $7 billion mark in new business dollars invested in our state is proof that our efforts are working – and we’re not slowing down any time soon. We’ll continue to invest our schools, roads and bridges, high-speed internet, and our essential services to keep Kansas open for business.”

Today’s announcement comes after a series of economic development wins achieved by the Kelly administration, including recently being ranked in the top twenty states for doing business for the first time ever.

Additionally, this year Kansas received Area Development Magazine’s prestigious Gold Shovel Award for 2021, was recognized by Site Selection Magazine as having the top business climate in the West North Central region of the United States in 2021, and is one of three top states reporting higher employment in rural communities.

Governor Kelly recently announced Kansas surpassed $6 billion in new capital investment in June 2021 – meaning Kansas has secured an additional $1 billion in new business investment in only a four-month period.

The state has secured nearly $3.2 billion in new business investments so far in 2021. In 2020 – Kansas’ most successful economic development year ever – the Kelly Administration secured $2.5 billion in new investment, meaning Kansas has already surpassed the all-time record in 2021.

“Under Governor Kelly’s leadership, Kansas is riding a record-breaking upward trajectory in economic development,” Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland said. “Since 2019 we’ve reached new heights with historic levels of business investment in all parts of Kansas. Governor Kelly’s visionary, innovative approach to economic growth is delivering good jobs and capital investment that are fueling a brighter future for Kansans statewide.”

In addition to the major business investments, the 495 economic development projects completed during the Kelly administration have created more than 29,000 new jobs.

Top investments in 2021 under the Kelly administration include:

Medline Industries, Inc – totaling $77.5 million new business dollars invested, creating 100 new jobs in Bonner Springs;

TriRx Pharmaceutical Services, LLC – totaling $70 million new business dollars invested, creating 250 new jobs in Shawnee;

Torch Research, LLC – totaling $55 million new business dollars invested, creating 490 new jobs in Leawood;

TTEC Services Corporation – totaling $9.2 million new business dollars invested, creating 450 new jobs in Overland Park.

Hilmar Cheese Company – totaling $450 million new business dollars invested, creating 247 jobs in Dodge City;

The recently announced Medline Industries project in Bonner Springs pushed Kansas over the $7 billion investment mark.

About the Kansas Department of Commerce

As the state’s lead economic development agency, the Kansas Department of Commerce strives to empower individuals, businesses and communities to achieve prosperity in Kansas. Commerce accomplishes its mission by developing relationships with corporations, site location consultants and stakeholders in Kansas, the nation and world. Our strong partnerships allow us to help create an environment for existing Kansas businesses to grow and foster an innovative, competitive landscape for new businesses. Through Commerce’s project successes, Kansas in 2021 was awarded Area Development Magazine’s prestigious Gold Shovel award and was named Site Selection Magazine’s Best Business Climate in the West North Central region of the United States. Find the Department’s strategic plan for economic growth here: Kansas Framework for Growth.