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Here’s why LGBTQ small business owners are having a hard time finding workers – CNBC

LGBTQ small business owners are having a difficult time getting back to business pre-pandemic.

Just over 20% are having a hard time finding employees, according to a new CNBC + Acorns and NGLCC Small Business Owner Financial Health Survey. The lack of workers could wind up hampering their efforts.

Of those facing a hiring crunch, more than 42% blame unemployment benefits.

LGBTQ business people aren’t the only ones unable to attract employees. In fact, overall, the number of all small business owners struggling is higher. A record 48% reported unfilled job openings in May, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

There has been an ongoing debate over whether government benefits, like the extra $300 in unemployment, are keeping people out of the workforce. The most recent jobs report for May reflected this, according to some economists.

That comes as 25 states are doing away with enhanced federal unemployment benefits earlier than Sept. 6, the official expiration date. Those states hope to encourage workers to reenter the labor force.

On the other side, those who support the continued $300 benefit argue the move will do more harm than good.

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