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How This Business Woman Increased Her Revenue In A Pandemic – Forbes

Building a timeless business is exactly what Kelly Roach, Business Growth Strategist, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, teaches her valued clients.

Having worked at a Fortune 500 company herself and working through the ranks, Kelly knows what it takes to build an 8-figure business that is profitable. And Kelly teaches just that to her clients.

Tired of hearing the falsehoods of business coaches who are claiming how easy it is to rake in a 7-figure launch or how easy it was for them to build their business; Kelly’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurs program teaches her clients how to market and test their services and build business empires. Building a 7-figure plus business requires business skills that often professionals need guidance developing.

Kelly is pioneering a new conversation online and is proud to speak her mind. Too many business coaches out there are offering false hopes and glamorizing what it means to be an entrepreneur. Business ownership requires grit.

Kelly’s program is unique in that it shows the how-to of building a business empire. She’s honest and direct and doesn’t shy away from truth-telling. Her program is here to support and show other business owners how to build empires and offer the support to walk you through it.


Kelly leaves you with these tips to get business done right:

Humans are the central part of your business

You need to have human contact with your people and engage with them. When you lose sight of who you are serving you will lose sight of your client’s needs, then ultimately lose the client.

Online marketing changes rapidly

You need to stay current with the changes in online marketing to ensure you are reaching your client base. Kelly’s program helps you navigate through the changes and keeps you current with the market.

Take consistent and imperfect action

Perfection does not exist and what really moves the needle is consistently showing up for your audience and taking that feedback and learning from it. Your business will be improving upon every action you take.

Test constantly

Good marketing means constantly testing, making tweaks and adjustments, and strive to find your audience.

Build a winning team

Ensure you hire the right people that will help move the business forward. Building the right team is key to achieving your goals.

Choose mentors wisely

There are many business coaches out there, but when choosing one you want to work with, make sure that they are experienced and knowledgeable. Building a business is hard work and if a business coach tells you otherwise, consider that a red flag.

Know your numbers

Knowing your business numbers is an essential part of being a good business owner. Your numbers are giving you feedback, and you need to take that feedback and make it useful to you. Improve on your weaknesses and capitalize your strengths.

The bottom line is don’t give up. You may have some days where it feels like a struggle, and you wonder why you even started but working through those feelings and moving forward with a positive mindset will help you move forward. Having the right business coach can help you stay the course and make your business profitable.