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Japanese firms Sysmex and ThinkCyte team up to develop AI-powered tech for IVD – Mobihealth News

Sysmex Corporation, a manufacturer of medical equipment and devices, has signed deals of joint development and investment with biotechnology startup ThinkCyte for the production and sale of a new artificial intelligence-enabled cell analysis technology for in-vitro diagnostics.


Sysmex has been acquiring technologies for analysing cells, genes, and proteins with a high degree of precision and sensitivity. It chose to collaborate with ThinkCyte as it possesses a new technique of flow cytometry – the method of detecting and measuring physical and chemical characteristics of cells – called Ghost Cytometry technology.

Ghost Cytometry combines high-speed imaging and AI-enabled analysis for the fast and accurate classification of cells based on their detailed morphological information. It can classify cells into their characteristics and functions. The amount of cell information gathered through this method surpasses that which can be obtained using conventional flow cytometry technique.


In a joint statement, the companies said the new cell analysis technology will “enable highly effective determination of clinical conditions using bodily fluids such as blood, increase accuracy in a wide range of cell-based diagnosis and lead to better-personalised healthcare.”

The partnership seeks to commercialise cell analysers and testing techniques using Ghost Cytometry for cell analysis in the field of IVD. Separately, Sysmex also agreed on an equity investment in ThinkCyte for an undisclosed amount.


The development of novel testing and diagnostic technologies with high clinical value is pivotal in making healthcare more precise and personalised.

Just last week, Viome, maker of at-home test kits for gut, immune and cellular health, got its mRNA analysis tool designated as a breakthrough device by the US Food and Drug Administration. The device can detect early signs of oral and throat cancers.

Renalytix AI and AstraZeneca have formed a research partnership, the first phase of which was to use KidneyIntelX, an AI-enabled IVD platform that gathers patient data from electronic medical records to generate a risk score for patients with chronic kidney disease. The tool was launched in 2019 after Renalytix AI scored $29 million in funding in the previous year.


“Through the alliance, Sysmex and ThinkCyte aim to develop novel cell analysis technology and testing techniques by integrating Sysmex’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in IVD and ThinkCyte’s proprietary Ghost Cytometry technology, thus contributing to the advancement and evolution of healthcare the world over,” the companies said.