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NC Commerce: Business Pulse Survey – NC Dept of Commerce

We invite business leaders in North Carolina to participate in an important, ongoing survey of business conditions in the state.

The new ‘Business Pulse Survey,’ the first of its kind ever undertaken by the Department of Commerce, will provide timely insights as the state navigates changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are in a position of leadership in your organization – for example, you’re a business owner, CEO, manager, or human resources director – we invite you to participate now.

Click the link below to get started

The Pulse survey will run for six months, and generally will take only five minutes to complete each month, with the first and last surveys being somewhat longer to allow our researchers to gain a more complete understanding of each participating company and its current condition.

The Business Pulse survey is a product of the North Carolina Department of Commerce in partnership with the NCWorks Commission and myFutureNC. Funding support also provided by the Duke Energy Foundation.

The survey will measure changes in business conditions, attitudes, and behaviors over time – particularly with regards to staffing.

Commerce’s Labor and Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) implemented and manages the Pulse survey, and will analyze the data to identify how conditions, needs and expectations are changing.  Commerce will publish aggregated results data online, but business-specific information collected in the survey will remain completely confidential. In addition to informing state policymakers, survey results can also benefit your business by providing a useful comparison to other businesses and industries throughout the state.

For more information, contact Andrew Beal, Communications Manager for the Division of Workforce Solutions by email at [email protected].