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New Apprenticeship to help train future tech workers – KXXV News Channel 25

Calling all people interested in a future of the technology field. The organization New Apprenticeship is on the hunt for anyone who has a knack for innovation and technology but needs a little help getting started.

“The people are the power the people are the process and tech doesn’t just take over cause at the same time we need more people to do more tech,” said Mark Alvarez a digital creative and former apprentice for New Apprenticeship. “Technology has advanced so far ahead and it’s being used so prevalently within the American economy and the worldwide economy at that.”

That’s why New Apprenticeship is using traditional apprenticeship training models and applying them to the modern tech industry.

“An apprenticeship solution is great because you’re learning from the masters of the craft, the practitioners, individuals that are tackling this day by day and as their solutions change, they’re coming in and telling the apprentices, this worked yesterday but it’s not going to work today,” said Jermaine Malcolm the director of growth and partnerships with new apprenticeship.

The program started in San Antonio and has expanded across the country building a network of over 120 employer partners who help tech hopefuls land jobs.

It’s something Malcolm knows firsthand as a former apprentice.

“We’ve had 80 percent graduation rate, we’ve had over 78 percent of our apprentice are rated as high performing, high potential by their direct supervisors,” said Malcolm.

75 percent of the apprentices that have gone through the program are considered underrepresented minorities in the tech space.

New Apprenticeship is hoping to help marginalized individuals and be the bridge to get them a seat at the table.

“Myself, I am Hispanic-American they take chances on people my cohort was extremely diverse and that was really interesting because every single person on that team no matter who we are where we came from all had something new to bring to the table in order to make our marketing campaign epic,” said Alvarez.

According to the organization, prior to the pandemic, there were over 700,000 unfilled tech rolls and they’re welcoming all who are interested to apply.

“I swear I gained more experience throughout a one-year apprenticeship than I could’ve imagined throughout possibly 3 years of working in the field” says Alvarez.

New Apprenticeship is also looking for employer partners to help grow and develop the future of the industry.