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New owners at a Branson employee recruiting business – Branson Tri-Lakes news

A staffing business in Branson is under new ownership and management to help locals find work that they enjoy. 

According to a press release, Express Employment Professionals is one of the fastest growing staffing franchises and Nathan Allen is excited to announce his new role as owner of the Branson Express Employment Professionals franchise. 

“We are a staffing company. We look to help people in the community find good jobs. Everything that we offer is just that, an offer. We don’t just send people places for work. We meet them face to face during an interview process and then we discuss what jobs we have open. It is about whatever they feel would be a good fit for them,” said Allen. “We set them up for an interview. If the client wants to move forward, then they found themselves a good job that they were interested in.” 

According to the release, Allen brings experience to help local job seekers find employment and to help businesses find qualified employees in the Branson area. Express offers traditional temporary and contract staffing, temp-to-hire evaluation and direct hiring options in a variety of fields, including commercial, administrative, customer service, technical and professional.

“Express is a locally owned business. I live in Branson,” said Allen. “We operate as a small business, we value every single client that we have and every single associate we have. We are able to give them the best attention possible. It is a small business but (as) a franchise we have the backing of Express International Headquarters in Oklahoma and they are a 3.5 billion dollar business.”

According to Allen, Branson Express Employment Professionals hopes to take the burden of finding good, quality people off of local businesses while assisting employees to find great companies to work for. 

 “I want Express to be recognized as the best employment service and recruiting source in the Branson area,” Nathan said in the release. “It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of helping people find hope through work. We truly believe that a job can be a turning point in someone’s life, and we’re looking forward to helping people as our business takes off.”

According to Allen, Express works with client’s businesses who are searching for employees and helps to fill those positions. 

“For our clients, we want to find the best workers for them,” said Allen. “We want to find someone who fits the needs they are looking for. Someone with experience who is a good, reliable person.”  

Express currently has more job openings than associates to fill them, according to Allen. 

“We have plenty of clients who are looking for workers. Express generally looks for clients because usually there is always someone looking for work. But right now it is the opposite. We have plenty of businesses who are struggling looking for people to come to work. They are just looking for someone to show up, who enjoys the work they do,” said Allen. “There is definitely a recruiting crisis going on right now.

“We are starting to slip out of a COVID pandemic but we are stepping foot into an employment pandemic, that is for sure. There are plenty of businesses who are reaching out to us looking for not one, not two, but most of the job orders we have are looking for five or more employees.”

Allen said since they have opened back up under new ownership, they have placed several people in jobs. 

“Since we opened, we have done 20 interviews,” said Allen. “We have successfully found jobs for most of them. We do have job offers open for 80 people, right now, so we could potentially put 80 people to work right now.”

According to Allen there is no cost involved for someone who is looking for employment through their services. 

“We bill the clients, not the people looking for work,” said Allen. “We are just here to help anyone who wants to become an associate with Express, anyone who is looking for work. There is no fee. They just come in to do an interview, fill out some paperwork and that same day we could start offering them jobs at no cost to them. If they hear one that they like, they can go out and interview for the job. Some clients interview potential employees, and some just say `let’s just start them and see how everything goes.’ It is really just up to the client.”

Workers who come into Express looking for employment, will go through an interviewing process and will become employees of Express as they are placed with work, according to Allen. 

“Everyone usually says, ‘Oh, Express is a temp service.’ We do not like the word temp or temporary. We do have temporary work available but in general 90-95% of our work is a long term evaluation hire,” said Allen. “If it is a long term opportunity we let our associates know that it is long term and that they may be hired on by the client. When and if that happens they move onto the client’s payroll until that happens they are on our payroll.”

According to Allen, Express pays their associates weekly based on the jobs they take, every Friday. 

“Besides weekly pay, we also offer basic health coverage. What we offer is basically supplemental medical, dental, vision, term life insurance and short term disability. We also offer holiday and vacation pay for all of our associates whether they do long term evaluation hire jobs or the more temporary jobs,” said Allen. “We also offer certificate programs to continue learning. Based on our insurance, associates have to be over 18 to work with us.”

The Express office is located in Branson at 2001 State Hwy 248, Ste 8. Local businesses and job seekers are encouraged to stop by the office or call (417) 335-2700.

 For more information visit www.ExpressPros.Com/BransonMo.