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North Omaha business hopeful for new neighbors – WOWT

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A business owner in North Omaha has had the only store that was open in a stretch of North 24th Street for a number of months.

He thinks that is about to change. For 16 years, Don McPherson and his wife Yvonne have owned and operated their Styles of Evolution clothing store on North 24th and Ohio.

McPherson has managed his way through a pandemic and before that, worked his way around major construction in the area.

“I think when they tore up the street out here, Yvonne and I, oh we lost about $80,000.”

But the couple’s biggest challenge has been operating this business on an island. There is no retail, no restaurants anywhere else on the block.

“Well, it’s been tough. In the retail field, you gotta have foot traffic and foot traffic is what causes businesses to really be profitable.”

McPherson says loyal customers from the community and from out of town help keep the business going but help is on the way.

Retail space on the block has been renovated and McPherson will temporarily move out of his space and into one of the renovated units while his store is also fixed up.

He will move back into his space and hopefully, new neighbors will fill the block.

“They’re trying to fill these other bays and that’s the whole plan, is to get customers in those buildings and we believe that’s going to bring the type of foot traffic that we’re looking for. That everyone can be successful.”

The McPherson’s have waited for this area to grow, they never gave up and now they think the wait will finally pay off.

“We were determined that we wanted to be a part of this community.”

McPherson says the owners of the units have been in discussion with business owners interested in moving into the area.

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