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Odd Couple Unites in Action Against Big Tech – The Wall Street Journal

Ken Paxton is an outspoken Texan and Christian conservative who has become a legal champion of the right. Dina Srinivasan is a Bay Area-based independent whose scrutiny of big business has made her a rising star for the left.

Despite differing worldviews, they have united against a common enemy: Big Tech.

The duo are key players in an antitrust lawsuit filed last year on behalf of a group of states against Google, which claims that the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary uses its control over ad exchanges to favor its own businesses and to levy fees on websites that rely on it for revenue.

The case, in spite of turmoil in Mr. Paxton’s office, remains a key part of a wave of bipartisan actions against technology giants that has sparked comparisons to the trustbusting era of Theodore Roosevelt.

It developed from the Texas attorney general’s leadership of a multistate investigation and accelerated after Ms. Srinivasan, an antitrust scholar, unearthed one of the case’s breakthrough documents, a 2018 business agreement between Facebook Inc. and Google that the lawsuit argues shows collusion.