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Small-business investment pays – Las Vegas Sun

As a small-business owner, I’m relieved to hear that Congress is finally moving forward on much-needed infrastructure investments. Our community of entrepreneurs is seeing day-to-day challenges that can be largely addressed by passing a bipartisan infrastructure package, and we need concrete congressional action now.

When our leaders first invested in building reliable highways and roads, our nation thrived. But it’s been too long since that happened, and our physical infrastructure needs a drastic overhaul to compete with other industrially developed countries. What’s more, such investments in infrastructure should include small businesses as part of the supply chain, which would boost our bottom line and our economy as a whole.

That’s why we need Congress to move ahead and pass infrastructure reform immediately. We’re in a time crunch to make critical decisions for the benefit of our nation and our small-business community. Our economy will thrive and prosper when we invest in it.

The writer is owner of Pioneer Overhead Door.