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South Portland Land Trust starts business partner program – Press Herald

The South Portland Land Trust has launched a new initiative to increase business support for land conservation, trail building and maintenance, and public engagement in climate change mitigation.

The Community Business Partner Program will recognize the contributions of businesses to the land trust by publicizing them on its website, in its monthly newsletter and through social media. The land trust also plans to hold an annual spring gala.

Businesses that have joined the program include Evergreen Credit Union, Lighthouse Bikes, The Maine Mall and Rusty Lantern Markets, according to a written statement. Local, regional and national businesses are encouraged to participate and may contribute at a level that fits their budgets.

“South Portland is fortunate to have businesses that are very dedicated to our community,” said Richard Rottkov, the land trust’s president. “The Community Business Partner Program offers them a simple and meaningful way to support our critical conservation work right here in the community that they serve.”

Leah Day, owner of Lighthouse Bikes in the Knightville neighborhood, said the program fits her company’s mission to share the beauty of South Portland with tourists and locals alike and inspire them to value and protect it.

“I can’t think of anything more important than preserving the land around us,” Day said. “South Portland Land Trust is doing vitally important work.”

Craig Gorris, senior general manager of The Maine Mall, agreed.

“The key goals of the land trust align with our own sustainability priorities,” Gorris said. “We’re eager to work with them to help better our community this year and beyond.”

The new program also will help the land trust expand programs, which are organized and carried out by volunteers and one full-time staff member.

“For 35 years, we have worked to conserve open space and build and maintain trails in an effort to connect our neighborhoods,” Rottkov said. “The Community Business Partner Program is one way we are asking the community to join us so we can continue this vital work.”

To learn more, visit or contact program coordinator Michelle Smith at [email protected]

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