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Sports Medicine Earns Student Success Impact Award – Kennesaw State University Athletics – Kennesaw State Athletics

KENNESAW, Ga. – The Kennesaw State University sports medicine staff’s incredible work this year was recognized this week when the unit earned the Student Success Impact Award, bestowed by KSU’s human resources department.

The Student Success Impact Award recognizes KSU staff members who have made significant contributions to the development of KSU’s student population. Ideal candidates are those who contribute to the personal, professional, or academic development of a student or group of students above and beyond the expectation of their position.

Mike Young, Chris Archambeault, Amy Prall, Trina Topping, Faith Starkman, Kyle Zimmerman, Keith Mize, and Claire Manley went above and beyond this season to not only fulfill their duties as a training staff, but also serve in the department’s COVID-19 efforts in return and continuation of competition.

“The sports medicine staff is both honored and humbled to receive this award from Kennesaw State University,” said Assistant AD for Sports Medicine Mike Young. “We are thankful to be able to work with such an outstanding group of medical providers, athletic administrators, coaches, staff, and student athletes who without their discipline and compliance, we would not have been able to perform our duties during this challenging year.”

The sports medicine team was recently featured in the Owl HR Exclusive. Click here to read more.

The criteria for the award are listed below:

  • Contributes to student success in a notable and measurable way including, but not limited to, personal, professional, or academic development of a student or group of students above and beyond the expectation of their position.
  • Fosters collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community with student success in mind.
  • Demonstrates decisions guided by a commitment to the student success goals of the university which consistently match the USG and KSU values, mission, vision and code of ethics.
  • Aids in the development of student skills in the areas of knowledge, communication, or critical thinking beyond what is expected of their position.
  • Contributes to the retention of a student or students above and beyond the expectations of their position.
  • Displays exceptional ability and willingness to manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organization to promote student success.
  • Demonstrates personal initiative and commitment to developing their knowledge and skills and apply these in a student- centric way to their work; i.e. there is evidence nominee is seeking to continually learn, improve and, ultimately, apply what they have learned.
  • Consistently displays a caring and helpful attitude towards students, as reflected in student feedback, supervisor evaluations, peer feedback, etc.
  • Champions work and initiatives based on best practices, science and/or confirmed research findings.

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