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The Best Business Cell Phone Plans Of 2021 – Forbes

We chose AT&T Wireless as it offers flexible cell phone plan options with plenty of added perks. With AT&T, your company has access to nationwide coverage and a range of plans that come standard with unlimited talk, text and data.

In addition to domestic coverage, AT&T provides unlimited talk and text from the United States to Canada or Mexico with no roaming fees. Some plan options even extend service options from the U.S. to up to 120 countries. It is crucial to note that some features are only available through devices compatible with AT&T’s service.

You can choose between one of several business-related subscription plans, priced per month and per smartphone line. AT&T’s best per-line pricing options come with six or more lines.

Unlimited Your Way

AT&T provides unlimited business service plans that let you choose only what you need for team members. There are three tiers available; you can purchase between one and 10 lines with these plans (per the Unlimited Your Way plan group), with per-month pricing fluctuating according to your decision.

  • Business Unlimited Starter: Begins at $30 per month, per line with five or more lines and includes unlimited domestic talk, text and data, and unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico; offers access to AT&T’s 5G and 5G+ services on compatible devices where available and standard streaming and mobile security
  • Business Unlimited Performance: Begins at $35 per month, paid per line with five or more lines. It includes everything in Starter, plus advanced mobile security and high-definition streams; each line has access to 30 GB of hotspot data.
  • Business Unlimited Elite: Begins at $45 per month and per line for five or more lines; this plan adds AT&T Business Fast Track, which gives higher priority to your data usage, letting things run smoothly during times of high congestion; the plan gives you 100 GB of hotspot data

AT&T Mobile Select (Pooled)

Perhaps one device needs 5 GB per month while another only needs 2 GB. Pooling data means that each team member only uses a specific amount and your business only pays for exactly what it needs. In addition to pooled data, this plan provides unlimited talk and text. Customers will also get access to Stream Saver, which conserves data when users stream content.

Depending on your device or location, AT&T also offers its Call Protect Basic service. Plans start at $35 per month for 1 GB and increase according to your intended data pool.

AT&T Business 4GB

This plan option gives your business access to 4 GB of data per line, plus unlimited talk and text. Pricing isn’t as straightforward as it could be. We learned that the most affordable plan option is $40 per month, per line, when you buy at least three lines; the service option maxing out at 10 lines. Please note that this price is only guaranteed when you agree to sign up for autopay. This knocks $25 off the price per smartphone line with a service commitment.

AT&T’s Security Features

AT&T offers protection against increasingly common annoyances such as spam and fraud calls, including the ability to block suspicious phone numbers outright. For an additional service charge, AT&T provides its Secure Wi-Fi VPN service through AT&T Mobile Security Plus. The most basic version of this is available free with every plan, and includes device security and breach reports. The add-on costs $3.99 per month and comes with a serious upgrade on secure mobile features:

  • Secure Wi-Fi VPN
  • Personal ID monitor
  • Safe browsing
  • Wi-Fi alerts
  • Theft alerts (Android devices only)

If you’re looking for free hardware, AT&T Wireless does offer discounts and deals from time to time, including free phones or generous discounts towards the purchase of a qualifying phone.

AT&T’s business cell phone plans are impressive. Unfortunately, when things get congested, your service quality can drop substantially thanks to data caps and slowed coverage. AT&T often forces customers to upgrade to higher tiers to avoid slowdowns. The company’s plans can also get very expensive when you account for optional add-ons and devices.

AT&T Wireless is one of the larger service carriers, and so it can guarantee coverage and high-quality service to almost all of its customers. That said, its service fees could prove to be too expensive for smaller businesses with very tight budgets.

Who should use it. AT&T is best for mid to large-size companies with specific data needs and a desire for greater security when communicating or transferring information.