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The Tech Convenes Top STEM Professionals to Advise Young Women on Career Paths – PRNewswire

“Over the past year, I’ve learned how STEM intersects with so many areas I’m interested in. It has a place for all people,” said Tia Quon, Tech Student Board member and junior at Notre Dame High School. “Events like these are so important because they give students time to reflect, connect and share our perspective to create a better world.”

This annual event marks the capstone of the Girls at The Tech program, whose mission is to build a pipeline of opportunities for girls that nurture their interest, boost their skills and solidify their confidence in STEM. The program engages girls and their families in STEM activities and the annual youth engineering program The Tech Challenge, as well as provides professional development for educators focused on inclusion and engineering design.  

“The traditional career model was you went to college, chose a major, got a job, worked there forever and then retired. Today, the majority of people don’t do that — they have multiple jobs and paths,” said Wojcicki. “I want girls to constantly be learning, believe in themselves and ask difficult questions. When they try what’s fun and are allowed to be independent, they’ll never lose sight of their goal.”

About The Tech Interactive

The Tech Interactive is a family-friendly science and technology center in the heart of downtown San Jose. Our hands-on activities, experimental labs and design challenge experiences empower people to innovate with creativity, curiosity and compassion. The Tech is a world leader in the creation of immersive STEAM education resources to develop the next generation of problem-solvers locally, nationally and globally. We believe that everyone is born an innovator who can change the world for the better.

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