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Tony’s Take – Run Game Key to Saturday’s Tech Game – West Virginia University Athletics – WVU Athletics

Encova Insurance Radio play-by-play announcer Tony Caridi provides periodic commentary on the Mountaineer football program for Be sure to follow him on Twitter @TonyCaridi. Tony’s Take is presented by Encova.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – It’s true. Past performance does NOT indicate future results. 
However, you can make a very strong case that whichever team rushes the ball for more yards Saturday wins the game. 
It’s that simple. Really it is. 
Consider that Neal Brown is 38-4 as a head coach when his team has more rushing yards than the opponent. That means his team wins 90% of the time. Say what you want about past performance and future results, but I’m hitching my wagon on the side of history. 
Now for the rub.
It won’t be easy gaining more yards than the visiting Hokies. Through two games, Tech is averaging 175 rush yards and allowing just 106.  
The Mountaineer offense is averaging 52 fewer yards on the ground.
To be fair our sample size is lacking. Two games doesn’t make a season, and it certainly is too early to make an accurate assessment of both teams. 
What we do know is that one variable that could play a massive role on Saturday does NOT appear on a stat sheet.  
That’s home-field advantage. Ask North Carolina how things went in Blacksburg when “Enter Sandman” blared from the Lane Stadium’s speakers.
Ol’ Sandman didn’t just enter, he never left. Tech fans were electrified and so was their team. They truly made a difference in the game’s outcome. 
The Tar Heels got punked. 
WVU fans have the same opportunity on Saturday. A work-in-progress West Virginia team needs a booster blast of energy from Mountaineer Nation. 
It hasn’t happened in a while, but it has happened so many times in the past. 
If you’re too young to remember, then head over to YouTube. If you’re old enough to remember, then make yourself young again.  
True, you can’t carry the ball on Saturday, but you could help carry the Mountaineers to a win.  
Accomplish the mission and I’m sure Neal Brown would be more than happy to let you carry the Black Diamond Trophy.
Have fun, cheer loud and we’ll hear you on the radio. 

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