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Tuesday’s business headlines –

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines.


Colts fans spend the eighth least on food and drinks at NFL games.

Finance Buzz says fans spend an average of $80.13 at the games.

Colts fans were also toward the bottom in chase spent on just booze.

When its comes to ream merchandise and gear, Colts fans spent the last at $85.34


Ford has doubled its production target for the F-150 Lighting because of strong early demand.

Ford plans to launch the truck in 2022 and will spend an additional $850 to meet that target.

Ford is targeting annual production of more than 80,000 in 2024, up from its prior target of more than 40,000.


A group of Apple employees has launched a new website Monday under the name #AppleToo as well as the Twitter account @AppleLaborers in an effort to collect accounts of workplace discrimination and harassment at the tech giant.

The group is seeking stories from employees across Apple’s businesses that will help “expose persistent patterns of misbehavior.”

The stories will be used to help craft a statement outlining changes that employees would like to see Apple make.

Office buildings

Office building prices are tumbling amid COVID.

Commericaledge says buildings have been fetching lower prices.

Commercial buildings are suffering from the Delta variant and lower than expected vaccination rates among Americans.