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Yoga is for everyone – Blue Springs Examiner

A sign inside the new Hexagon Hair and Yoga studio in downtown Grain Valley pretty much sums up the mission of co-owners Carrie McDaniel and Liz Smith. 

It simply says: You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be. 

Carrie McDaniel, left, conducts a Yoga on the Rooftop class at Iron Eagle Brewery in downtown Grain Valley.

That is both a lifestyle and a business statement for the two longtime friends who gambled on bringing something new to Grain Valley during the year of the pandemic, 2020. 

And that gamble has paid off with a wealth of new friends and patrons and the excitement that arrives every time someone walks through their door. 

“We live to give back,” said McDaniel, who is a licensed beautician and certified yoga teacher. “We’re here to help, and to share our knowledge. And to be honest with you, we are so much further along than we thought when we opened the studio in October of last year.” 

The mention of October 2020 sparks an immediate response from Smith, who handles the business side of Hexagon. 

“October, 2020, hmmm, what were we thinking?” she said, as both friends broke out in laughter. “Seriously, we had this amazing opportunity in Grain Valley, and we went for it.” 

“And believe me, she said, “we get as many benefits from this as the people who come see us. We felt a calling, we answered it and we are now a successful business in a town that needed something like this.” 

Hexagon is downtown at 512 N. Main Street, just north of the Iron Kettle Brewery, which has formed a relationship with McDaniel and Smith. 

“Just look for the big purple YOGA sign,” said McDaniel, who hosts specialty 10 a.m. Yoga and Beer on the Rooftop classes that take place on the Iron Kettle Brewery’s rooftop at 10 a.m. the second Sunday of each month. “We are unique!” 

Unique, and friendly, as a conversation between McDaniel and a co-owner of the Iron Kettle Brewery led to the unique arrangement. 

“We do Brian’s hair,” McDaniel said, referring to Brian Fenstermaker, a co-owner of the brewery, “and we got to talking about that heavenly deck he has above the brewery. One thing led to another and now, we’re having classes up there. You get a complimentary beer before we start, and most people stay and eat afterwards.” 

“It’s great – and it’s pretty much always sold out, so check our website ( or call (816-645-5885) because the next class is Aug. 8.” 

The women also offer a special class, Canna Yoga, that takes place on select Sundays at 10 a.m. Participants must have a medical marijuana card and bring their own cannabis. The next class is Aug. 15. 

“We have no cannabis on site, and this is ethical – no funny business – for individuals who believe yoga will improve their way of life,” McDaniel said. “And it helps the mind and the body, and that’s what we’re all about.” 

Smith jumps in and adds, “Yoga, weed and water – amen to everything.” 

When she is not planning innovations for Hexagon and teaching classes at 5:30 p.m. Monday and Wednesday and 9:30 a.m. Fridays, McDaniel is cutting, dying and styling hair and providing waxing services. 

“We do it all,” said McDaniel, who has 22 years of experience as a stylist. “And it seems like all my yoga customers get their hair done here, and all my hair clients take part in the yoga classes. We’re just one happy family.” 

And that family includes men. 

“We can’t leave the men out,” Smith said, as McDaniel nodded in agreement. “We had a Valentine’s Day couples yoga session and it was really successful, and we’re getting more guys to come out as they find out about us.”